Current Projects

SMOW Scottsdale's Museum of the West opens in Arizona!
       Photo by Bill Timmerman

The American Society of Interior Designers recently presented Scottsdale's Museum of the West with its Enhancement of the Arts Award on August 8, 2015 at its 39th Annual Design Excellence Gala.
Dambrova Designs roles for this project included exhibition design, graphic design, illustration, coordination of interactive media and project management for this completely new 43000 sqft building designed by Studio Ma Architects.

May 1st 2014
Bill Dambrova is back in his hometown of Phoenix and happy to announce that he is currently an exhibition design consultant for Scottsdale's Museum of the West scheduled to open December 2014. 

SMOW getting walls! 6-12-14

Dambrova Designs is always seeking new projects. No job is too large or small. Please contact Bill for availability and scheduling at See my resume on this blog for information about capabilities, services and selected client list.

"M is for Museum" opens at The Carnegie Museum of Natural History!

As a contract exhibition designer/exhibit consultant, along with Redmond-Jones & Associates, and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History I'm proud to announce the opening of M is for Museum! (click on here to find out more about the exhibit).

For this exhibition, Dambrova Designs roles included: exhibit concept development, creating conceptual renderings for fund raising purposes, exhibition design, graphic design, illustration, and installation, keeping our reputation for coming in under budget and opening on schedule. Here are a few shots taken with my iphone during install. Enjoy.

This was the first of three trucks full of exhibit furniture to arrive
Monday morning.

A couple of the guys from Southside leveling one of the sections of the taxidermy platform. All of the furniture was built with eco friendly and sustainable materials. We used a product called Lyptus Hardwood to create elegant furniture that will hold up in a gallery where children
are playing freely.

Skull replicas with toothaches? Actually adhesives setting up.

Beth watching Chen as he carefully installs a couple of moth specimens. For this exhibition one of the goals was to display specimens and objects from all of the collections areas. This interdisciplinary approach enforces the idea that everything is connected.

B is for Beautiful.

N is for New.

P is for punch list! This exhibition is 8,000 sqft with over 1,000 specimens and objects. We had two weeks to install it.

P is also for Poop. Testing adhesives for the touchable fake poop component.
Love my job!

The taxidermy platform all loaded up with critters.

This is where the some of the touchable skulls and poop comes in.

On the wall in the back we have a large variety of actual animal pelts you can touch. There are Moose, Black bear, Bobcat, and Wolverine (also shown stuffed in the foreground) to name
a few.

It's important that you get the right fake poop with the right specimen.

Where's the security screw drill bit? It's right over there in its proper place on that highly organized cart.

C is for Collect. This is a very popular exhibit component. Visitors are encouraged to select a few objects from the trough in the center of the table and put them in a bin. Then they are asked to write about why they selected the objects that they did for their collection and to write them down on a note card. After they finish they take their collection bin and data and display/store it on a shelf just like we do in the collections areas in the museum.

I is for Identify. This media interactive allows you to compare visual data from actual skulls and spear points then answer questions on the screen to identify and classify them.

Fat and skinny went to bed. Fat rolled over and skinny was dead. G is for Gigantic.
The Wandering Albatross' wingspan can get up to 12'. Here we are comparing the largest bird with one of the smallest, a humming bird. Visitors can stand in front of the silhouettes of the birds and compare them with there own size.

G is for Gigantic. Comparing arm bones from a dinosaur, a hippo, a giraffe, and that tiny white speck in the foreground is an arm bone from a shrew.

R is for Read. Several staff members involved in the exhibition were asked to pick a book they like related to museums and write about it in under 100 words. This was the one I chose.

J is for Jar. We created four 10' wide x 10' high shelves for this exhibition. One for jars, one for fossils, one for beetles, and one for mammal skeletons. These large shelves are similar to storage shelves in the collections areas. At the moment we are leaving out interpretation or any identification of specimens. This way people can just look and form there own questions.

Thats me (on the bottom shelf) with Sam Taylor, Director of the museum.

And now you know...

For this large wall display we simply took a few of the drawers from the insect collections at The Carnegie Museum of Natural History and set them on shelves vertically behind glass. This way the collections manager and his team can easily change it and the visitor can have something new to look at every month. Sometimes its all Butterflies and on holidays like St. Patrick's Day all the bugs could be green!

Fantastic Frogs exhibition opens in Charlotte

Here are some gallery shots of the newly installed exhibition Fantastic Frogs at Discovery Place in Charlotte.

With Quatrefoil Associates as the main contractor I was invited to create large scale graphic novel style illustrations for this exhibition. Working closely with scientists and experts the goal was to accurately depict anatomy, habitat, and "superpowers" that individual species have evolved over time.

All photographs by Louisa Kwasigroch, Quatrefoil Associates.

Here are some links to local news about Fantastic Frogs.

EXHIBITIONIST magazine Spring 2010 issue available now

The latest Exhibitionist magazine is now available from NAME (National Association for Museum Exhibitions). I do the layout, graphic design, and sometimes some of the ads. This time I got to Illustrate the cover!

Recent Projects

Fantastic Frogs opening in June 2010 at Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC.

Working with Quatrefoil Associates and Discovery Place, Dambrova Designs developed and illustrated 23 large scale multi sequenced "graphic novel" inspired illustrations. These large mural sized graphics depict several species of frogs using unique adaptations to ward off or escape predators, propagate the species, as well as other extreme survival strategies. The exhibition will include live frogs and video to accompany the illustrated story of frogs and their "superpowers".

Recent Projects

Population Impact opened January 2010 at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Dambrova Designs worked closely with Redmond-Jones & Associates to provide conceptual renderings, graphic designs, and exhibition layout and design.

Visitor feedback for Population Impact.